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      Corwin Mandel has a Bacholar's degree in Ecological Architecture from Prescott College. His parents are both artists: his father a fine woodworker and his mother a jeweler. Art began flowing through his veins since the moment of conception and has been a steady pulse through his life. He began studying fine art at Bennington College; however, he longed to make art that could heal, transform and satisfy one's practical needs for shelter, food, and human connection. This led him on a quest through Europe after studying at Findorn College in Scotland. He was astonished by the temples and cathedrals that took hundred of years to carve in devotion to a higher power. He was in awe walking inside these ancient masterpieces. After this realization he left school to travel and learn the art of natural building and then finish his education at Prescott College. 

        His mission is to change the conventional way of construction and make the process organic, alive, and fun, encouraging owner and community participation. He believes in creating biological structures that speak to our orginal instincts and relate to the environment and land around them. Works of art that craddle us, flow with the curves of our bodies and remind us where we came from, the earth, the womb, the stars.


Corwin Mandel

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One of Corwin's early master-pieces